* We offer complimentary tastings for all of our clients. You can choose up to four flavors.

*All cakes are baked and assembled the day before each tasting appointment. This way every cake is fresh. For this reason we ask that if you need to cancel/ reschedule your appointment, please do so no less than 48 hrs

before tasting.





             WHITE CHOCOLATE

Four layer white cake with lemon curd, blueberries, and lemon cream filling. Infused with Limoncello liqueur.

                                                                 Covered in vanilla buttercream.

                                                                           $4.00 per serving

              CARROT CAKE

                     OPERA CAKE

Painted Cake



                      Four layer red velvet cake with cream cheese filling. Covered in cream cheese.

                                                                   $4.00 per serving

              BLACK FOREST

                   Four layer Champagne cake with Amaretto filling, covered in Amaretto buttercream.

                                                                       $4.00 per serving

             COCONUT CAKE


                      Four layer Vanilla cake with Vanilla Bean Crème filling, infused with Bourbon.

                                                          Covered in vanilla buttercream.

                                                                     $4.00 per serving                                                  


Our delicious desert bites are custom created according to each clients theme. Let us know your theme and                                 we will design an unforgettable table scape for your BIG day.

Four layer chocolate cake with cherry and whipped cream filling, infused with a cherry liqueur and topped with a

                               hint of dark chocolate shavings. Covered in chocolate buttercream.

                                                                     $4.00 per serving

Four layer white chocolate cake with white chocolate mousse, raspberry mousse, and fresh raspberries.

                                                         Covered in vanilla buttercream.

                                                                    $4.00 per serving

                  Four layer almond cake with chocolate ganache, and a triple espresso cream filling.

                                                          Covered in espresso buttercream.

                                                                       $6.00 per serving

             CITRUS DELIGHT

                    Four layer chocolate cake with chocolate mousse, and chocolate ganache filling.

                                                          Covered in chocolate buttercream.

                                                                       $4.00 per serving

                 Four layer Coconut cake with coconut pastry cream, lime mousse, and fresh pineapple filling.

                                                                Covered in vanilla buttercream.

                                                                           $4.00 per serving

                          Four layer carrot cake with maple coated pecan cream cheese filling.

                                                                  $4.00 per serving